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Parliamentarism comes from Britain. Britain can once again set an example of putting democracy into practice. The independency of a state – which is not possible within the EU – makes the basis of democracy and welfare.

The needs and starting-points of the own people should form the basis of the economic policy and social policy. This is not possible within the EU. Outside it is.

The fundamental idea of democracy is that power belongs to the people. There is no such thing as the European people. A democratization of the EU is the same kind of utopia as the democratization of the Soviet Union. It won´t happen.

Instead of regarding economics and the activities of states as everybody´s competition against each other we should make a policy that decreases inequality and create conditions for people to carry on and find a balance between the needs of people and the carrying capacity of the nature. The policy that is directed by the EU means a race towards the bottom. A change of course is possible only outside the EU.

The European Union is an oligarchic and undemocratic system. It is not a guarantee for peace but a powder barrel.
Responsibility and power belong together. In the EU the power belongs to few, but it is the people who is responsible for the consequences of the policy. This is unsustainable. We have a responsibility to the coming generations, too. We must not bind them to the state of the EU.

Being a European has to mean a defending of democracy and equity. The building of an EU state leads us towards even more oligarchy and inequality.

Nobody will be left alone when we are standing outside the EU. The world, Europe and all of us need more true international co-operation. Thus you are able to take part in co-operation only if you manage yourself. From this angle, too, the EU is a problem, not a solution.

The Brexit is the most important decision for democracy and welfare in this millennia. It also makes our own change of course easier. Brexit will be followed by Sexit – Suomi-Finland out of the EU.

The independence party of Finland

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